Authentication issue

Facing Some error in authentication :expressionless:. Following are the screenshots

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Hi @aman.prajapati726 , the client_secret should be placed in the VERIFY SIGNATURE section

thanks Ayush, I tried that thing but it still remain same.
Actually problem is with this url.

Hey @Kris or @Kris can you please help me in this. I am really stuck in this.

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I have used this credentials now in which my client-secret is clientsecret and username at weavy is aman. but currently it is giving same error.

Hi @aman.prajapati726 can you try to go through this article - it talks about each claim and it’s meaning so that you can add it likewise. After you do that, we also have a nice and short Hello World tutorial which uses the same tool which you are using to create JWT.

If these two links does not help you, let me know!

Thanks alot @Kris and @Kris for your help. My issue is solved and it is working perfectly fine now. :smiley: :man_dancing: