Build Tomorrow Hackathon 2021 Prototyping Phase ends

To all participants, the prototyping phase has officially ended.
There has been many, many, prototypes incoming - and we are extremely happy to reviews each one of them. Thank you!

Some actions that will now take place;

  1. Jury work will start - we might reach out to the team leader for clarifications.
  2. Due to the amount of submissions - we expect to have reviewed all submissions within 7-14 days from now. Hopefully, it can be faster.
  3. If you did not submit, due to technical error or lack of support/response from our side - DO NOT WORRY - we will make sure your prototype will be submitted. See this post;Trial license error
  4. We will start issuing certificates of participation after the Grand Finale has been finished, these will be in digital form.
  5. We will not disclose the exact numbers until the full completion of the Hackathon.

With all of this said, we are so happy that we could 2x Weavy’s second hackathon and are grateful for all the submissions. We are looking forward to invite you all to our own version of an alumni program - our think-tank.


Hi, any updates on the result?

@adityanaitan bud…we might have to wait till 29th(14th day after the post)…also side note…given the number of submissions that the hackathon had…its only natural the panel might need some more time for it.Just be patient guys…

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Correct, 29th. Many submissions to review and we are working on it :slight_smile:


So, results are going to announced today right?

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We intend to give you the results by the end of the day today, we are in the very final parts of the jury process.
Some reservation that we might need until tomorrow - the submissions are extremely well done and some show complexity.
We will keep you updated today.


Thank You @Kris ,
we look forward to the results announcement.
I wanted to check if following this announcement, there would be a presentation / pitch via zoom - is that still on the plan.

Best, Saurav

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Soon it will be! We are clarifying some cases. See main post.