Deploying Weavy app to Azure

I am trying to deploy my weavy app to azure by following the instructions provided in this article: Deploy to Azure · Weavy Docs
The only step I did different is that I used github rather than FTP to upload my files to Azure. But my build failed with this error:

This is my repository for my weavy app: GitHub - Pirate2606/knowledgetester-weavy

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From your error message it looks like msbuild can’t figure out what to build since there is both a .sln file and a .csproj file in the root. You probably need to specify the .sln file as discussed

If you can’t get it to work I suggest you follow the instructions and try building and deploying as described in the documentation.

I have one more concern. Since we are told to use the premium version in this step:

I have a student account in azure with only $100 worth of credit, and only in 3 days I have exhausted $40 worth of credit due to this SQL database. Is there any other (free) way to do this step?

Yes It is my question also, That on local we can implement Weavy feature but while hosting our application it will create some issues.

This might be an option;

Hi, can you please confirm this: Is it important to host the project and share a working link? We could record a video of our working project on our localhost.
And for tunneling we have to keep our localhost running all the time, which means our system will be on, until we are confirm that you guys have seen and tested our projects on the live URL shared.


Or we can do one thing, We can host our solution without weavy feature. And at our local we can implement weavy feature and make video including it.

Is this fine?

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Hi! Yes, let’s do a video.

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