Expired trial license or getting 500 with license error

For renewal of licenses please notify us, we need your license key obtained on the first registration.
After we have renewed your license Weavy will automatically recognize it within in 15 minutes.
If you want a faster update, you can login as admin and press the refresh button.

Hi @aman.prajapati726 , please use /sign-in and log in as admin. In the next page, you can update or refresh your license key. For the new license key, please drop a mail at kris@weavy.com, once you get the key you can follow above step for renewal

Actually Kris I forgot the license key and their is no option of login as admin.
Is there anything else we can do?

Hi @aman.prajapati726 , try logging in to <your-weavy-url>/sign-in page as admin and then you will be able to proceed

30 days has been added :slight_smile: