General Q&A (non-technical)

Questions of non-technical character.

Q: For best performing apart from prizes will get any internship or full time opportunities?
A: We do not have any official statements regarding this but we are always interested in talent.

Q: Is the prototyping phase also the final phase?
A: Usually yes, but hackathons have different formats so it may vary from each event.

Q: What is a Prototype?
A: It’s a working service/product that at least shows us the minimum functionality.

Q: I have a hardware project, how should I submit this?
A: Prepare a video and maybe a technical sheet, but more so reach out to us and we will help you find a way to submit it.

Q: What is an innovative idea?
A: You tell us :slight_smile: An innovative idea is something that you have thought up and think will make a change or improvement in any area of your liking.

Q: Where can I find the discourse server for our community?
A: Here :grin:

Q: What are the judging criteria?
A: Depends on the hackathon’s format.

Q: What is a GitHub repo and why do you want us to push to there?
A:“A GitHub repository contains all of your project’s files and each file’s revision history. You can discuss and manage your project’s work within the repository.” This is by far the easiest way for us to review your build. You can read more about GitHub repos here.

Q: Are prizes given individually to each team member?
A: Depends on the format of the hackathon, but usually yes.

Q: Will you provide support from a buisness perspective for hackathon builds?
A: Officially no, but we do work with these things in our think tank as part of our supportive work.

Q: Is Weavy free of cost?
A: The regular Weavy SDK is not free of charge, but for participants there is a 30-day free version (can be extended to 90-days), the in-app chat functionality is on a freemium base tho.
If you have a usage for your start-up reach out to us and we can try qualifications for our upcoming start-up program.

Q: Does submitting a research paper give us any benefits in the competition?
A: It will not automatically qualify you for a golden ticket of any kind but ofc, the easier it is for us to understand your build and it’s purpose the easier it will be to understand your vision.

Q: I am having troubles integrating Weavy, can you help me?
A: YES! Browse the forum for similar issues or get in touch with us.
Q: Is there any mentoring during the hackathons?
A: Yes, The Weavy Community team is here to support you.

Q: My project is not technical, can I qualify?
A: It’s not impossible, but we are looking to try a build, so it might be difficult.

Q: How much of the prototype must be finished before entering the prototyping phase?
A: 0%. The first submission is always your idea.

Q: Can we change our tech stack during prototyping?
A: Yes - as long as the main goal stays true to your submitted idea.

Q: Is Figma UI a functioning prototype?
A: No, we want to see an actual build. No interactive mockups will be approved.

Q: Where can I find a recording of the webinar?
A: You will be able to find it under hackatons/webinars/ here in the forum.