Hackathon results will be presented Friday the 1st of October

Why you might ask?
We have reviewed all of the submissions, and in a fair process, we have asked some teams for clarifications about their submission with a deadline of today.
This means that in order to make the best possible judgement, we will need to properly review these after the clarifications. Tomorrow is the day.
Remember we are on PST time.

The clarifications asked for does not mean that the submissions has been incorrectly submitted.

Thank you for your patience.


@Kris I didn’t win, but yet I’m curious about the surprise prize for the Best Innovation :grin:. When it’ll be announced?

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participation certificates will be given to the participants???

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yeah, I also didn’t win :disappointed:
I wonder if I can see the projects submitted by the winners.

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Yes, You can see them!
Just go to the hacker earth submission page.

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I am not able to find it.

@chiragksharma15 Listing the submission link to 1st,2nd and 3rd prices here.




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@chiragksharma15 This is the submission link of Best Innovation Prize.

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