Help in Final submission

I have created all the weavy structure and linked all functionality in my app. All things are working in local as expected. But, when I am going to deploy weavy to cloud Azure says I need a credit card to start my free subscription. I don’t have credit card so I can not deploy weavy to cloud.
I am sharing our project github repo but even if you guys run it on local server you guys wont be able to access weavy features as it requires clientId and secret from weavy SDK.
Also our project is blockchain based so to perform transactions you need metamask wallets and test ethers in the wallet. This means there are a lot of requirements in local for the project and its all features to run successfully.
So, I want to ask that if its ok to just share screenshots of working application in submission ?
We can show you live demo in online meet for checking.

Yes screenshots or video is acceptable.
I’ll look into the other issue, many seems to have issue with trial keys right now.
Submission will be prolonged due to this.