How to get license for weavy

Hello all, I installed and started the server SDK on my local machine. When I click on the lets go button this page pops up. It is asking me for the license key. It is saying I can get my license key by registering on but there is no option for sign up on There is just only one option asking me a business email in try demo section. Can somebody please help me with this ?
Here is the page SS :

You do not get any options like in this video?;

Have you registered before?
Check this thread and let me know how if it helped you out;

After clicking on “Let’s Go” , The only page that comes is what I shown in above SS. Is there something updated in latest version in weavy backend SDK ?
@Kris I checked the commits on and found that the latest version 8.6.4 removed the option to self register.
I myself downloaded the V8.6.3 and I got the registration page.
I think this change should be mentioned in weavy docs :slight_smile:

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