How to submit the code for hackathon

For the Build Tomorrow Hackathon ,I was planning to deploy my project via Azure but turns out I am getting this error :

and before I could end up finding a solution to the error,my student account for Azure got expired.So I have decided to use local tunnel for deployment,but again there were some issues that I wanted to discuss :

  • How are we supposed to provide the local tunnel link given the fact that…it needs the server to be running for the duration . Given the number of participants it seems highly impractical to have the system running for the entire duration (of evaluation).Not to mention,my city is currently witnessing the peak monsoon periods,so I can run into a power out during a crucial phase.

  • Also,there are instances where I am using Blockchain,and to use it properly , one might require a local setup/although we do have a mongo db to compensate for the same

  • While using local tunnel ,I ran into another error,where it seems that when I run the site on another system(Ubuntu 20.10) it ends up showing the website but the weavy apps do not show up.I thought the issue was because the weavy server was also running on local host,so I tried using local tunnel for weavy server,but sends a 504 Gateway timeout error.

My team was confused as to what to provide in the working link for submission.As of now we were planning to submit the src code files,screen shots and video links regarding the working of the project.

In this case, submit it the best you can, as in as close to completion as possible. - and we will reach out with a fixed time slot when we would like to access your build for review.

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