It's that time a year again... (Hackathon!)

…where we engage in a total hackfest with nice prices and great tools.
The idea phase starts on 23rd of June and lasts all summer!

This year we have partnered up with Wijmo by Grapecity!

Wijmo & Weavy presents;

Striking Balance 2022

A hackathon inspired by systems thinking methodology - visualize and collaborate around data to create balance

Modern issues require a new way of thinking

By synthesizing and combining different parts, we can build a better solution to address our current issues

We are working hard on prepping repos for you all to play around with - meanwhile - SIGNUP!

Looking forward to see @Weavers again!


I have a question regarding the hackathon. Is it compulsory to use “Weavy” and “Wijmo” in our project??


Yes, as per the rules you need to have at least one feature from both Weavy and Wijmo in your project. We look forward to seeing what you can come up with! :sunglasses:

Here you can access the hackathon platform and signup for the hackathon

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