Official presentation of Build Tomorrow Hackathon Winners

MuLx10 - Build Tomorrow - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

"Your Project Urban Repair really impressed the jury members. It is true that collaboration is the key to solve issues related to urban development. The manner in which you customized our Server SDK to add a drop-in location was impressive. Congratulations on winning the first prize."

The inevitables - Build Tomorrow - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons
@Arjun @akshayvanil117 @kvakshaymon @akhilmanil0

" Your Project Horizon: A Virtual Classroom truly resembles the best of collaboration. From personal ToDo’s, calendar embedded to classroom integration using weavy spaces, your solution has everything one needs to be a part of the classroom. The 3D Models of Biology provides us the possibility to go beyond conventional online classes and learn with more realistic tools leveraging AR and VR to its best.

MedBay - Build Tomorrow - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons
@jayitsaha @ishita0112

"Your Project Medbay looks like a complete production ready application. With every detail in mind, the project takes the best advantage of Weavy features and there are a lot of interesting implementations of the medical field."

Best Innovation
Nexus - Build Tomorrow - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons
@Nilesh @Prasad_Patewar

"Your Project Oxylus has addressed a very unique space. We are surprised about the amount of information presented and the state-of-the-art use of technology. Being out of the box, this solution surely qualifies all criteria of being the best open innovation award. "

We would like to congratulate all winners of Build Tomorrow 2021.
Thank you to all participants for ideas, submissions and prototypes.
It has been truly inspiring to see all creativity regarding how to Build a Better tomorrow using collaboration.


Congratulations to all the winners.
This hackathon was special to us! Kudos to @Kris and @Kris for conducting the hackathon!


Really cool guys!! Makes me very happy to see all the creativity and how you use Weavy in combination with your apps/projects!

Keep it up!!! :clap::clap::clap:


*** email addressed to Weavy for the certificates issued ***

Perhaps, I had high expectations from an organization like Weavy, when coming to events like hackathons and acknowledging developer efforts and participation. The certifications issued are very disturbing - the primary fact that it does not even mention the full name of an individual . I am still trying to remember if this ever happens in any academic or professional environment - where certificates get issued with the last name of an individual.

There are no signatures, no visible credibility on who issued this certificate - and this potentially gives an impression of a good graphics work as opposed to providing a certain record of achievement.

And finally, the context seems to be incorrect - participation in ideation phase. I believe the certificate was issued only to those who had moved into the second round (post ideation phase).

I do not need a certificate, however, I feel there are many participants including students and folks early in their professional careers. These achievements mean a lot to them and to motivate and encourage them to do better as they move further in their personal and professional lives.

Finally, these certificates should be re-issued, in case Weavy wants to project itself as a responsible equal opportunities organization which values developers and communities from wherever in the world they come from. In the situation where Weavy does (did) not intend to issue certificates, the same can be (/should have been) communicated as hackathon rules.

Either way, it needs to be done right.

Here are several example of what a certificate should look like:

Hi anon58222035,

Thank you for the feedback - I’m looking into your feedback and will be come back to you asap.

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Hi anon58222035,

Again, thank you for your feedback.

There are few clarifications from the community team :

  1. Certificates are issued in Full Names, for those whose first name or last name is not provided to hackerearth during registration, we CANNOT have their names. It is an individual’s responsibility to provide their full names when signing up. Even then, we have re-sent certificates to participants who mailed back to us for corrections.

  2. There is a visibility credibility - the Weavy Logo. Also the certificate issued is a certificate of participation which we believe and have promised to provide to every participant who submits an idea. Kindly check the hackerearth discussion forum for more information.

  3. Certificates for individuals who submitted prototypes and certificates for the winners will be rolled out today as per our timeline. These are signed certificates of appreciation, providing another level of authenticity for the work done by participants.

  4. The design of the certificates are aligned with the theme of our hackathon and it’s artwork. They are valid certificates issued by Weavy.

Thank you for being a valuable participant in our hackathon.


Thank you for acknowledging our clarifications in our mail dialogue.

As, per your expressed wishes, in your initial email, I have instructed our hackathon partner, HackerEarth, to remove your submission and any direct links associated with your repo’s for your own future commercial usage and we also initiated deleting your Weavy Community account.
This means in detail that your community profile will be deleted but your comments, anonymized though, will still be present. This part of the thread, from your reply to this message, will also be moved into an archive (separate thread) of communication, but all personal data will be removed.
We will also save a record of the mail sent with your request of removals, if future reference is needed.

Thank you again for your feedback, acknowledgement and I hope to see you again!