"Runtime Error" While Install SDK Server

Hi, Weavy’s Team!
I got a error “Runtime Error” while I install sdk server on my local machine. I already followed these instruction. any suggestion what I am supposed to do?

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Please Help Me @Kris and @Kris

Hi @slondock22 , I looked into your issue. Can you please try to follow this article for installing server SDK on local machine. Do note the last paragraph which says If you get runtime errors when starting the app - try re-building by choosing Clean Weavy and then Rebuild Weavy from the Build menu in Visual Studio and then start without debugging.

yes, I have tried to rebuild the Weavy project by “Clean Weavy and then I click Rebuild Weavy” but, I still get the same error message(“Runtime Error”) when proceeding to the “Start Without Debuging” step. Could you help me to find that issue? Thank you @ayush

Any solution about my problem sir @Kris ?