Setting up Email Notifications in Weavy

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Hi, I have a query like we already setup weavy instance in azure and is up and running. I setup this email notifications in local instance of weavy and is successful and hence can we directly update the app settings in azure for email notification for that azure weavy instance? In azure I didn’t find manage in my weavy instance and when I hit the url for manage it’s showing like not authorized.
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Hi @akhilmanil0 if you cannot see manage in your Weavy instance, then it means you are not logged in as admin. Only admin can see the manage (or those who have permissions). You can hit /sign-out route to sign the current user out and then sign-in again as admin!

And yes, you can directly update the app settings. You can keep your API keys and any other sensitive information in the environment variable so that they are not exposed in the codebase.

Thanks @Kris that worked fine.

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