Striking Balance 2022 has ended!

Striking Balance 2022 is over and we have our winners!

In the first place, we have team Weavers.
Their app Medalzh embodies the spirit of Striking Balance by making life easier for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Medication reminders, memory exercises, navigation help, and dietary plans are some of the many features that make up their project. Their thought-out integration of Weavy and Wijmo into the system is what pushed their project to first place!

Second place goes to The Pitchers with their project EduLabs
A project which brings together students’ ability to practical education in AR, with teachers having the ability to have full insight into the process.
By empowering collaboration between both student peers as well as student-to-teacher their technology empowers and globalizes education.
Now that’s an impact on all of society.
Why was this not a thing when we went to school?
Congrats to the team for an outstanding effort!

Back once again, snatching the 3rd place is… The Inevitables!
Framebox is their idea, the perfect tool for anyone competing in hackathons, or anyone that needs to quickly and easily create a functional framework for their application. By making weavy’s and wijmo’s components completely drag-and-drop based even people without any coding experience can put together a functional framework in no time at all. With the press of a button, you can even download the framework in code to start building the actual project immediately.

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I’m not able to join the discord channel. Can you please update the invite link?

OFC! Weavy