Striking Balance 22 by Weavy + Wijmo

Striking Balance 22 is live!

Create an account and register a team.

Start building!

How to?

When entering the new hackathon platform the first time, click SIGN UP to create an account;


Register your team

When you have created & confirmed your account, go to the team section or press the Register Team buttton;

Register team

That’s it!

You are ready to build.

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@ebrahimghantiwala here you can find instructions on how to sign up

Hi, I registered my team for the hackathon, but now I want to add more members to my team. I am not able to find the option to edit my team. Can someone help me with this??


I’ll send you a pm and help you out from there :slight_smile:

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Hi, Is it possible to late submit in Idea submission phase?

Yes it is, but we are experience som problems with the platform as of yesterday and today.
As a result we prolonged the submission phase.
You can email me the submission if you feel you are ready and we will register your idea.


Den fre 29 juli 2022 14:03ashwini via Weavy Developer Forum <> skrev: